Congrats to Goodwill Industries!

Congrats to Goodwill Industries!

The Vino Team

November 10, 2021

Developing Better Tomorrows

Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal for Vino’s Developing Better Tomorrows program! After sifting through the proposals, we’ve selected a standout submission from Goodwill Industries of Eastern NC. The proposer receives $10,000 of consulting and development from Vino at no cost to them.

Goodwill’s proposal highlighted the pain and frustration we see all over. They see countless organizations with trouble navigating the software landscape. All the half-complete solutions, inadequate training, and complex software adds up and weighs teams down. Goodwill offers services to level-up organizations with digital tools and training which is right up our alley. Helping Goodwill help others allows us to multiply our contributions by an order of magnitude.

This is our first round of the Developing Better Tomorrows program and we’ve already learned a lot. We’ll take this experience apply them to future campaigns, stay tuned and sign up to get notified next time!

Thanks again to everyone and congratulations to Goodwill Industries!