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Containerized Code

Vino’s standard unit of deployment are sandboxed WebAssembly binaries. Think of them as lightweight containers for code.

Composable Agility

Adaptability is everything. Vino insulates rigidity and makes it cheap, easy, and safe to reuse and remix functionality.

Spend Less, Get More

Reduce resource usage and say goodbye to vendor lock-in. Take a plug-and-play experience everywhere.

End to End DevOps

Craft every component as a black box that can be independently built, monitored, updated, tested, and rolled back.

Run Everywhere

Run the same components in any environment. In the cloud, your data center, at the edge, the client, anywhere.

Build Like a Startup

Every component feels like a greenfield project. Technical debt still matters, but it no longer slows you down.

From full-code to no-code

Vino draws a line between building an application and a software library because one changes frequently, the other doesn’t. Developers build Vino components the same way they write source code now. At a higher level, application developers wire components together into schematics that define application functionality.

When an application changes, it’s easier to reposition composable blocks than it is to refactor, rebuild, and reintegrate source code. It’s what we wish microservices were.

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Low-risk partnership

Our mission at Vino revolves around reusing what works to deliver outcomes faster. Chances are you already have a lot of code so it’s important that we work with what exists. Teams can integrate Vino into any platform with either native SDKs or with Vino running as a microservice. Build up in pieces.

The Vino runtime will be open when generally available and integrates natively or remotely over the standard GRPC protocol. User-created Vino components are waPC-compliant WebAssembly that can run anywhere, including the kubernetes clusters you have now. We protect your investment in Vino by ensuring you can always get out what you put in.

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About the Vino Runtime

Write Vino components in any language that compiles down to WebAssembly, like go, rust, swift, or AssemblyScript. Each component is like a single asynchronous function whose parameters can arrive in pieces from any location and whose output is a stream, piped into a downstream input. Components join together into schematics and applications are collections of schematics.

WebAssembly components are naturally sandboxed and come pre-baked with 25 years of web application security already included. Privileged access is granted per-component, reducing the surface area for vulnerabilities.

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Ready to get started?

We built Vino because we were tired of solving solved problems. We wanted to build faster, cheaper, and better.

We spent seven years testing Vino's core ideas and are excited to get them into your hands.

The vino runtime is in a closed beta while we iron out the experience. Please contact us if you would like to be included.

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